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Getting started

Getting started with IC Robotics Editor by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Integrate data
  2. Create and write your template
  3. Publish

The following video will take you through the fundamentals:

You can read about the different steps, or simply watch the videos of each individual step below.

Integrate data

Integration of data is done within our Data area - click on the data icon on the menu on the left to navigate to the data area. In order to integrate data, you first have to set up a category for the subject you want to write about. You can integrate different data sources within each category by adding a New integration, using the button in the top-right corner. Integrate test data from an excel file using the structure from our example, or set up your own data endpoints following our documentation of how to set up your data source here.

Watch this video (in Danish) on how to integrate your own data:

Create and write template

In order to create a new template, click the New template button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This will open a pop-up, where you can fill in the name of your template, choose the language and the category you want to write about. If you want the to write or edit your template, simply click on the template from the list and click the Edit button. The text is structed as sentences, scenarios, and variants of text elements. Each sentence has different scenarios, which are controlled by the conditions of the data - e.g. the values of the data (over/under a defined limit) or whether or not a variable is available. Every scenario has a range of variations with different formulations of the same scenario and the different data and values. Follow our user-guide on editing your text here, or watch the video (in Danish) below for the fundamentals of setting up your template.

Publish content

When you are satisfied with you template, you can publish it by choosing it from the list and clicking Publish, either giving it a new name or updating an existing publication. You can always work on you template and republish it when you have an updated version. Use the ID from the publication to generate content using our API by following our documentation here.

Watch the video below for the fundamentals of publishing and generating content (in Danish).