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We use API Keys in IC Robotics to provide you programmatic access to your data.

You can generate API keys in the settings area of the portal, which will then allow you to programmatically call our API. Note that for security reasons, you can only see your full API key when you generate it, so make sure you save it after creating it.

Calling with API Keys

To authenticate your call, add a custom header named X-Api-Key, with the value being your API Key. Simple as that.


API Keys can be limited using scopes. This means that you can limit the rights of your API keys, for instance if you're using it in a context where it is not secure to generate text based on your data, you can limit the scope to only be allowed to generate text from a template, which means any malicious use of your api key is only doing what your own code does anyway.

Scopes are defined in your settings area, and is set on each individual API Key.